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Peculiar Pelicular

Last Saturday 19 February I hosted a film and food festival in my house. If I was hip, organised and well connected it would have been just like one of those pop up underground restaurants. Well, in fact it was exactly like that, except I didn’t profit from the event, not monetarily anyway. I invited a few friends ’round and they also contributed to the food and drink. Continue reading

The Modern Pantry

Now, I don’t know if I made this clear before, but I don’t have personal access to a whole lot of moolah. I certainly don’t have enough to allow for regular dining at fine eateries, not even those that offer good deals as long as you’re prepared to sign up for regular attacks of email carpet-bombing: Two course weekday lunch + glass of wine  for £20 at a Michelin starred joint, etc. I’m pretty sure there are some amazing bargains to be had, but I simply cannot stretch my mean means (sic) that far.

The last time I ate  a meal at what might be called a respectable dining establishment was a good nine months ago, when friends treated me to a wonderful lunch at the Canton Arms for the dubious achievement of having racked up yet another year in age and decrepitude. Continue reading