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The Great Lenten Pancake Extravaganza

I have to be honest with you, I’ve been feeling rather fed-up with life, the universe and everything of late. But my spirits have been buoyed significantly by several cooking adventures, one of which I’ve managed to document. It was probably also the most extravagant.

My friend Phil hosted a Shrove Tuesday feast for around 25 friends. I was in charge of producing the savoury menu: Blini with six different savoury toppings. My favourite was the Chorizo with Rhubarb and a fine sliver of Pickled Walnut on top. Continue reading

Peculiar Pelicular

Last Saturday 19 February I hosted a film and food festival in my house. If I was hip, organised and well connected it would have been just like one of those pop up underground restaurants. Well, in fact it was exactly like that, except I didn’t profit from the event, not monetarily anyway. I invited a few friends ’round and they also contributed to the food and drink. Continue reading