What’s in a name?

Saffron: expensive, rare, exotic, exclusive, volatile, fragile, beautiful, colourful, subtle and delicate.

Salt: cheap, commonplace, robust, plain, coarse, stable, strong, bold and potentially overpowering,

But let us not forget the all important ampersand.

And: conjunction used to connect grammatically co-ordinate words. Along or together with; including; as well as; in addition to; besides; also; then; at the same time. Used to connect alternatives.

About me

Wear dresses, eat cake, enjoy the occasional cigar.

Amateur charcutiere

Think too much

Enjoy writing, hope I get better at it.

On a relentless pursuit for truth.

Love learning new shit.

Interested in detail, meaning, and failure.

Will write about anything but try to retain a link to food, however tenuous.



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