Supperclub summit

It’s been a while since I put myself up for a culinary challenge but as luck would have it I’ve been reeled in by the promise of a chance to get out my mincer and fire up the smoker to concoct some meaty delights.

In collaboration with some folks running supperclubs in Germany I am taking part in the Supperclub Summit – a sort of culinary Olympics if you will. I’m making a special Charcuterie plate and helping out with some of the other dishes on the menu.

To have a look at the menu and read more about it go to the Supperclub Summit website.

You can book a ticket via that site or through Edible Experiences

I look forward to seeing you there.

Yours in meat




One response to “Supperclub summit

  • nata

    As my English is not very good I am glad to learn “yours in meat” as a new expression. I am going to use that in lots of future conversations I think. However I am very much looking forward to our event in London!

    Yours in meat

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