Duck tales Woo-oooh

So you thought that was the end. Well, it turns out that I never blogged about the first ever Charcutepalooza challenge – Duck Prosciutto (or Duck Ham which I’ve abbreviated to Duckham, pronounced ‘duckem’). Having now read some of the other final posts, and hanging my head in shame over the woeful state of my photography, it is clear that I’m never going to win the Grand Prize.

I am, however, a woman of my word and I like to finish things properly so write about Duckham I must.  I will attempt brevity after the neverendingness of my Charcuteparty post.

I actually did make it way back in February, but never posted about it – foolishly thinking ‘I’ve got almost a whole year to do it’. I even took some photos. On the left is a smaller female breast. On the right a large male one. Who’d have thought? Cured Moobs anyone?

Hung up to dry. I think my tying skills have come along way.

Another reason was that I didn’t really like the end product, and hoped for a chance to try again. Improve. Now that I have tried again I still don’t like it.

The flavour I like, it is rich and intense. Duck concentrate. The texture is good, nice and smooth. However (and clearly this is my lack of skill) I find it too salty. Perhaps I will try again and leave it in the salt cure for less time.

To balance the saltiness I decided to cook the Duckham with some creamy pasta – Fettucine Carbonara. Nice and simple.

Duckham with only the skin seared nice and brown, then sliced.

Eggs, cream, cheese and pepper gently cooked by the hot pasta. Done.

Writing this post now I can’t help casting my mind back to January when it all started. The thing I find most interesting is how relaxed I am about it all. The excitable nervous trepidation that started me off has dissipated into quiet confidence (Botulism fears aside of course). Now I can casually throw together a dish with some Chacuterie that I just happen to have lying around. That I made.  Successfully.

This is what I meant when I said in my last post that Charcutepalooza has changed my life gradually and imperceptibly. I haven’t the slightest doubt that I will continue making Charcuterie. It is now officially my hobby.

Thank you SO much Mrs Wheelbarrow and TheYummyMummy for making this happen. A year ago @saffronandsalt didn’t even exist. Now I have a fabulous online community of Meat Pals from all over the world and I can tackle just about any meat related challenge from Lardo to a multi layered terrine en croute with relative ease.

I could go on and get all soppy and what not. I’ll stop before that happens, but I would just like to repeat what I’ve mentioned in other posts – that Charcutepalooza has given me something to indulge in during what has otherwise been a year of personal drought and brought joy in the midst of many uncertainties and struggles.

Well. A certain duck-themed kids show says it just right.

When it seems you’re heading for the Final curtain
Cool deduction never fails That’s for certain
The worst of messes
Become successes

Duck tales Woo-oooh

(sadly I could not find the full song)


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