It’s been a whole month. And who knows what I’ve been up to. Oh, I know. WORK! After a long and tedious period of not much work this past year I’ve been through a career crisis, confidence crisis, and general all round crises of every type and description. Charcutepalooza has given me something to look forward to most months. I say most because the Hot Dog challenge brought about it’s own cooking crisis involving the untimely demise of a blender amidst a lot of swearing, but otherwise it’s been a treat and definitely helped to keep my spirits afloat during the dark days.

I’ve made rillette loads throughout the year and wanted to try something new. Really, the thing that really put me off was the idea of poached chicken skin. Is there anything on earth more delicious than crispy chicken skin? Perhaps, but you’ll have to convince me. The idea of soft flabby boiled chicken skin fills me with revulsion.  I’m not a big fan of fusion cooking, but this month after reading through the recipe ideas for the ‘Stretching’ challenge I didn’t feel *quite* inspired. I also wanted something that wasn’t mostly composed of Lard, butter and cream – the effects of Charcuterie on my waistline has been expansive. I resorted to Google and found a recipe for Roasted Asian Duck Galantine

So I bought a duck and got down to the business of flaying the beast. I found it quite easy… maybe too easy. I fancied myself a potential Barbary (duck) Surgeon.

Then I chopped and diced, dismembered. It took a while, but I had the music pumping. A leisurely pursuit.

And the skin. Well boy did that provide amusement. What does this look like? I mean it’s clearly and evil hollow eyed monster.

A Dr. Who villain perhaps?

or Jar Jar Binks?

Then the usual Charcutepalooza deal. Chopping meat:

Mincing and then blending

Dicing things really small.

 A rather pleasant way to spend a Saturday and this a such pleasant sight to me:

I layered the galantine/roulade/ballotine/wotsitsname

I think it looks pretty good.

At this point I forgot all about the camera, but I tied it up with string, chopped up some aubergine and onions and stuck it in the oven. An hour and a bit later and Glory be! This is a wonderful thing to behold.

And a quick photo of the inlay. Unfortunately I slightly overcooked it, but still good. Perhaps a bit more seasoning too.

Now, I’m going to R.U.N.N.O.F.T to a party. It is Saturday night after all, and a girl can’t eat an entire Galantine alone.

Cook the galantine (recipe here) on a metal rack resting on a roasting tray, not in tinfoil as the recipe suggests, and in the roasting tray place some sliced veg – I used chopped Aubergine, onion and garlic sprinkled with a little honey, soy and ginger. I also added reduced stock made with the duck bones. The juices from the galantine drip down onto the veg adding to the flavour. While the galantine is resting turn the heat up in the oven to 180C and let the veg cook a little longer.

Slice the galantine and serve to hungry guests after transporting it across London on the back of a bicycle.


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