Gardenfest 2011

Aah. The now ubiquitous pop-up. Daily they spring up all over London like flowers in the springtime, and just as full of hope and enthusiasm. If you weren’t at Gardenfest 2011 you missed out on a truly glorious variety of pop-up.

Gardenfest – a one-day festival of music, picnics, rainbows and fabulous food in took place in a certain North London back yard, but really we all pretended we were located across the pond in the South Eastern United States, what with the plethora of Fiddles, Mandolins and Banjos about the place – and the corresponding abundance of old timey music.

I sold bbq pork rolls complete with coleslaw and spicy Bourbon bbq sauce. I have to be honest and say that it wasn’t proper pulled pork, although it was damn tasty. Proper pulled pork shreds into soft strands and because I was using a foreign unfamiliar (gas) bbq I didn’t have quite the control over the temperature as I would have liked. I was also so exhausted that I slept in.

In the spirit of myself eve being my harshest criticts I have to say – let’s face it, although the pork was pretty amazing after 6 hours on the bbq it would have been all the better after 12.  Also there were real actual North Carolinians at Gardenfest, and it would be rather presumptious of me to claim to be an expert in the prescence of such discerning folk.

If you are wondering where all the cool pictures are of all the bands and revellers and rainbows – well all I can say is HELLO I was selling pork rolls at a ridiculous rate of knots and had no time to document anything except…


See that faint pink line around the outside of the pork? Well that my friends is a smoke ring. You cannot imagine my glee – for the smoke ring is a sure sign of wicked bbq skillz. So next time I forgo the lie-in and make sure my meat gets shredded!

So if you want another view of Gardenfest the best I can do is point you in the direction of my fellow festival bloggers Heather and Bruce who covered all the corners of Gardenfest 2011 that I couldn’t. See you there in 2012.


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