I heart beef heart tomato

A while back, when things were worse than usual money-wise a friend treated me to something wonderful. For quite a few months – I forget how long – about 9 months perhaps – an Abel and Cole veggie box was delivered to my house and paid for by someone else. It was a perfect gesture of charity to a broke-ass wannabe foodie*.

The best thing about it was that it made me think more about what I was eating. Instead of just throwing a whole lot of veg together and boiling up some pasta I actually did think ‘How can I do best honour this kohlrabi and cook it in a way that will do justice to its true kohlrabi-ness.

Feel free to point at the screen now and laugh at how ridiculous I am, but I’m afraid it’s true.

Recently I haven’t been paying attention to what I’m eating – there is no rhythm or routine to my eating habits. I don’t think it’s a good way to live.      So in an attempt to restore some vague sense of order I went food shopping yesterday. I popped into The Peoples Supermarket where I chose, from the rainbow array of Red-orange-yellow-green-(not blue or indigo)-purple tomatoes, this enormous Beef Heart.

And today I sliced that baby up, drizzled walnut oil on it, sprinkled salt and pepper and the chopped up stalk of fresh garlic and ate it for lunch.

WOW. When last did you eat a tomato that tastes like a tomato, and not mealy cardboard?

Ok, so that’s not all I had for lunch. I also ate the pickings of a chicken carcass I’d made stock from and had a glass of wine.

*I have no objections to using the word foodie as some do.


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