Why am I single?

Yes. I know.

That title is not a good way to attract (positive) attention from the opposite sex. The levels of sad and cringe-worthiness it implies are too awful to contemplate.

What new tabloid lows have I sunk to in order to attract readership to this blog you might ask?

Nevertheless I stand my ground – attractive or repulsive – the question is a relevant one and here’s why:

I just got home from a party and its 1am and I need a little snack before I go to bed.

So I make a cup of tea, root around in the fridge, and find a plastic container (you know, one of those from the takeaway curry house, useful for lunches, left over rice, etc) and it is full of pork scratchings.


This is why my question is relevant. Please, can someone tell me what man in his right mind would not want to come home to/with a girl who has HOME MADE PORK SCRATCHINGS in her fridge?

On second thoughts, at least being single there are more HOME MADE PORK SCRATCHINGS for me to eat.

*Crunch crunch*


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