Pig pics

Dear Reader,

If my crash course in Smithfields Market History 101 was just a little too intense for you then here is a not too wordy post chock-full of pictures.

Ok, so they’re not, like, amazing brilliantly lit or composed photos, but I took them with my iPhone (yes you can be poor and have an iPhone – just days ago I saw a street cleaner with one). Also, I have NO idea how to arrange them artfully, and after THREE hours of tedious effort I gave up – another steep blog learning curve, or plateau, as I’ve not worked it all out yet.

The picture below just how massive the building is, with the market stretching all the way back – you can just see the tower poking up at the far end.

Smithfield at dawn

This is the entrance running perpendicular to the length of the building

Entrance to Smithfields

Absalom and Tribe

Once home, the belly must be butchered into manageable hunks of meat

Belly of pork

I ended up with two flitches for bacon, ribs, trimmings for stew, soup and stock,  and an irregular flap of belly to be slow cooked.

Butchered belly with trimmings

Then the bacon is cured with salt and spices for a number of days

Juniper, Bay and Garlic cure

Maple and Paprika cure

and then, in lieu of not having a smoker, it is slow roasted for a couple of hours

Juniper and Maple bacon just cooked

Face it. A belly has nipples.

Things to do with your bacon: Chop into lardons

diced lardons

and make a Leek and bacon pie

Leek Pie

Cut a few slices and have a fry up for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Fried eggs with home-made bacon and bread

Give some to your friends for surviving their first year of Parenthood

bacon gift


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